RoadPatrol 3D
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  • Introduction

    RoadPatrol is game for mobile devices. It is available in
    (Premium version)
    (Free version)
    (Free version)
    (Free version).

    This is classic FPS game with practical form of steering. You drive a car with powerful weapon and your device is your steering wheel. Just push button to shoot. 
    In this 3D First person Car driving Shooter game you are roadpatrol officer. Your goal is to keep the roads clean by driving and shooting all the obstacles to pieces. You have very powerful weapons for this purpose. Almost every object is breakable or explodes.

    It would be too easy just to drive around shooting things. You have heard from the news that unknown flying object UFO has been seen in this area. Since that You haven't been able get contact to the head quarter. You should check out what is going on. Alien invasion may have began. It is your job to save the world! 

    How to play

    Damage indicator
    Here are the contols during gameplay.  
    Shoot button
    Change weapon
    Break / Reverse
    Turn your car right way
    Gas pedal


    Screen shots